PowerNSX Core

PowerShell Core is supported from version 3.0 of PowerNSX.

Installing PowerNSX on PowerShell Core

The PowerNSX installation script supports all PowerShell Core platforms. See Install for detailed instructions for your platform.

PowerShell Gallery should not be used to install PowerNSX on PowerShell Core systems as incorrect dependancies are retrieved.


Usage mirrors that of PowerNSX on Windows. Any differences or errors should be reported via the project issues page at Issues.

Start powershell, and the module will be automatically loaded when any PowerNSX command is invoked. In addition, it will also automatically load the PowerCLI.ViCore and PowerCLI.Vds modules.

If either the PowerCLI.ViCore or PowerCLI.Vds modules do not load, the PowerNSX module will fail to load also.


If you need to troubleshoot module load issues, try manually loading PowerCLI.ViCore and PowerCLI.Vds first and resolve any issues here before attempting to load PowerNSX.